What you need to know about GIVETAXFREE.ORG
What you need to know about GIVETAXFREE.ORG

Account access for agents and advisors [Video]

Medical Emergency Insurance and Financial Planning

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with ACC much easier online using MyACC for business.

You can expect to get ACC levy invoices in July for clients

that employ people and September

for your self-employed clients,

This invoice amount will be based on two things.

First, the business’s classification unit.

This tells ACC what industry your client is in.

Different businesses have different levels of risk

for injury and accidents,

so the classification unit affects the levy amount.

Second, liable earnings for the year.

For self-employed clients levies may vary depending on

whether they work full-time or part-time.

For employers and shareholders,

the levy invoice will show in a final washup levy

for the previous year

and a provisional levy for the current year.

The provisional levy is an estimate

based on the previous year’s payroll with adjustments

for expected salary increases.

Employer levies may also be affected

by their experience rating or no claims discount,

depending on their workplace health and safety record.

Self-employed and shareholder clients

can get …

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