FAQs About GiveTaxFree Answered! PART I
FAQs About GiveTaxFree Answered! PART I

Senior implementation advisor, Group Savings and Retirement [Video]

Major Surgeries Medical Emergency Insurance and Financial Planning

Everywhere in Canada / Hybrid

Our Group Savings and Retirement team is looking for a Project Manager to coordinate and implement new contracts.

Is the customer at the heart of your concerns? Do your autonomy and sense of initiative set you apart? The following responsibilities will appeal to your qualities.

In this position, you will be responsible for :

– Analyzing all the particularities of the plans to be set up/transferred

– Gather the information needed to set up/transfer the group

– Determine the implementation/transfer strategy in close collaboration with customers, external partners and relevant internal partners

– Plan and ensure deadlines are met for various group set-ups and asset transfers;

– Establish and maintain ongoing communication with customers and partners on the progress of implementation/transfer phases.

– Develop implementation plans for service offers

– Participate in various meetings with customers and internal partners

– Participate in finalist presentations (potential customers)

– Participate in various specific mandates

– Participate in continuous improvement within the team and the business line (DMS, workshops, …

Why GIVETAXFREE.ORG Should Be Your GO-TO Platform!
Why GIVETAXFREE.ORG Should Be Your GO-TO Platform!